Tracking & Analytics

Performance tracking, reporting, dashboards - we develop transparent solutions for the analysis of projects, providing a holistic view for efficient decision-making.

Conversion Tracking

Transparent analytics for efficient decision-making

Performance tracking of marketing activities: automated dashboards giving room to maneuver flexibly and adjust campaigns. Keeping you on top of engagement rates, tracking of interactions allows you to act and influence an increase in subscriber numbers or close enrolment early.


Clear reporting of event statistics

Through the collection of important event data, it is possible for us to monitor and evaluate visitor interactions with the event. These reports are shared with our clients at regular intervals. We prepare our findings in a comprehensible and structured manner, in this way further steps can be derived quickly.


We create dashboards which are individually tailored to the needs of our clients and the data is updated daily and can be accessed at any time. Clear data visualization forms the basis for further decision-making, allowing clients to act promptly and remain flexible.

Dashboards put essential information in the foreground and are easy to use. Displaying data through graphics makes information more tangible and comprehensible.