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Our Story

As digital natives, we are accustomed to the rapidly changing environment that is digitalisation. On the other hand, many Start-ups, SME’s and even larger companies are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by all the digital possibilities. In the field of marketing especially, the internet offers completely new opportunities to reach customers and increase brand awareness. These opportunities can be highly advantageous for smaller companies, but requires online marketing skills that are not always available in-house.

My grandparents’ business was one of those smaller enterprises. Their company logo was printed in the phone book and on a bus, and for decades that was their sole marketing activity. When I wanted to know how they measured the success of their campaigns they couldn’t give me an answer. From that point on, it became clear to me that after my internship at Google, I wanted to focus my efforts on supporting SMEs exploit their online potential through individual online marketing measures.

So the story of LA Click began in 2014 with a conversation at my grandparents’ dinner table. During the initial phase, clients were looked after from home. By now, LA Click has grown into a team with headquarters in Zurich.

Lisa-Ann, Founder

Lisa Ann Preuss

Our values


We attach great importance to being a reliable partner that can be trusted in everything we do. In our opinion, this is the only way for a meaningful cooperation to work.


We want the results of our measures to speak for themselves and generate important insights for our clients. That’s why it’s important to us to always measure them thoroughly and present the resulting insights in a comprehensible way.


If you only want to hear positive things, you are in the wrong place. Because recognising weaknesses results in optimisation potential that can be used. That’s why we like to be completely transparent with our clients.