Google Ads Campaigns (SEA)

What is Search Engine Advertising (SEA)?

Search engine advertising (SEA) consists of activating paid advertisements on Google Search and various search network partners. The pillars of so called text ads are keywords- individual or combined words, which are searched by your potential customers. Additionally, demographic characteristics, such as age or gender, as well as the location of the searcher, can be determinants for whether your ad is broadcast or not. Consequently, if a user meets all predefined criteria and searches for a particular term pertaining to your campaign, there is a high probability that one of your ads will show. The advantage of this type of ad, is that you will only pay per click within your pre-defined budget. In addition to the classic search network ads, marked “ad” on the Google search results pages, shopping ads offer the possibility to advertise products from your online shop with a picture and price.

What are the advantages?

Accurate targeting

Specify which users your ads will be served to with precise targeting options.

Cost control

With Google Ads, we jointly determine an optimal daily budget for your campaigns. This way you have full control of your costs.

Brand awareness

Wether you’re using search or display ads, your company is present in every ad. Attract the attention of your target audience with relevant ads and increase awareness in the process.