Google Ads Campaigns (SEA)

Google Ads Kampagne (SEA)

What is Search Engine Advertising (SEA)?

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising, also known as search engine advertising. It refers to the paid advertising section in search engine results, where advertisers place paid ads to highlight their websites or specific offers.

The basis for so-called text ads are the keywords, single or combined words, that are searched for by your potential customers. In addition, demographic characteristics, such as age or gender, as well as the location of the searcher can be decisive for whether your ad is broadcast or not. If a user then fulfils all predefined criteria and searches for a certain term, an ad from your campaign will appear with a high probability.

In addition to the classic search network ads, which are marked “ad” on the Google search results pages, there are shopping ads. With these shopping ads, you can advertise products from your online shop with a picture and price.

We support you in the creation and continuous optimisation of ad campaigns and ensure that your ads reach your desired target group at the best possible click price. With our comprehensive monitoring and ongoing optimisation, we ensure the demonstrable success of your SEA campaigns.

Contact us and find out how we can sustainably strengthen your online presence and achieve your goals with our individual ad strategy. With our offer, we help you to get more traffic to your website.

What are the advantages?

Accurate targeting

Specify which users your ads will be served to with precise targeting options.

Cost control

With Google Ads, we jointly determine an optimal daily budget for your campaigns. This way you have full control of your costs.

Brand awareness

Wether you’re using search or display ads, your company is present in every ad. Attract the attention of your target audience with relevant ads and increase awareness in the process.