Content Marketing

Development and implementation of custom-made content and storytelling strategies, tailored to the demands and needs of our clients.

Agentur für individuelle Content-Strategien und Storytelling.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and engaging content to appeal to a specific target audience and build long-term customer relationships. Content marketing focuses on providing useful and informative content that addresses the needs and interests of the target audience.

Content marketing is divided into the following areas: content production – targeting, copywriting – content with added value, and editorial – content that has a lasting impact. The main purpose of content marketing is to build trust, demonstrate expertise and inform potential customers. This includes targeted distribution of the content created through various channels such as corporate websites, social media, email marketing or content platforms.

We add value to you, understanding your needs and reaching them through quality content. By keeping your target audience informed and supported, you can build long-term customer relationships and ultimately increase your sales.

Content Strategie

An impactful content strategy

Together with you, we develop a customized communication strategy for your company. Communication objectives are discussed and defined taking into account market trends, sales targets and user interests. Based on these objectives, we will then identify the relevant topics and key messages to communicate to your target audience. We also conduct an initial audit to determine the status quo and to identify your needs, in order to create effective content marketing.

A great plan is everything

In order for the strategy to bear fruit in a short period of time, we work with our clients to create a detailed editorial plan that is tailored to the needs of the target group and show you ways to get started immediately. Naturally, we analyze which format is best suited for you and your business, to drive the organic growth of the company. This approach ensures not only that the content is found but also that it is read and searched.

E-Mail Marketing

Maintain engagement and increase registrations

Through comprehensive email designs, target groups are addressed directly and personally. From the idea to the design, via sending and success measurement – individualized messaging can reach every customer segment. Based on individuals’ key information, email marketing can be used to establish long-term relationships and be a source of lead-generation.

Content Production

Individualized target group communication along the user journey

While you plan your event, we take care of the guests. Using strategic communication at every touchpoint along the customer journey we maintain attention and strengthen customer loyalty, from the Save the Date through to the Follow-up after the event. Skilful linking of facts, emotions and storytelling around the event, ensure a captivating experience. We have a communication package for every occasion.


Content is King

We create great content which brings tangible added value for you and your customers. We want to tell stories which stay in mind and stand out from the crowd. We prepare targeted content for a wide range of communication channels. Our content team finds the right words for every topic: from short, crisp social media posts to well-founded white papers. Each post is written in the highest editorial quality and delivers informative value throughout the whole content.

Content Recycling

You wish to reuse good content? We can create a quality strategy enabling you to reuse existing content and adapt it to fit on other communication channels. From social media posts to blog articles – we create synergies and transform content to reach the target group.


Adding value with really good content

A well-maintained blog offers companies a platform for self-expression. We create blog articles which fit your communication strategy and provide added value for your customers. The content of a blog should be relevant, credible and attractive – that’s what we value. A corporate blog often also acts as a newsroom, it should therefore regularly provide new content and remain up to date.

Content with an impact

We tailor blog articles to your individual needs, ensuring that you can better be found on Google and subsequently creating sustainable profitability. Because, in the long-term, well-written blog content brings visitors to your website. Blogs are therefore an integral part of any online marketing strategy, and therefore we make sure to select the best keywords relevant to your business when creating texts. Additionally, helpful content presents you as an expert and builds trust with users. So it’s worth the effort.