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Danelle's Internship at LA Click

Where has the time gone? It sure does go fast when you are having fun. As cliche as that may sound, I have had a great experience at LA Click. I first met Lisa-Ann Preuss when I attended a SINGA Factory Workshop in the summer of 2019. I was blown away by her charisma, her passion and enthusiasm for Digital Marketing. That was when I knew I needed to learn more about Digital Marketing and I wanted to learn from this brilliant young lady. I emailed her with my request (a bold move if I may say) and here we are today, 5 months later writing about the time I have spent with her and her team. They have welcomed me with open arms and have taught and shared invaluable skills I may not have had a chance to gain, if not for their willingness to share.

At that workshop, Lisa had unwittingly transferred her positive energy to me. I was eager to learn more. Having participated in the workshop, I had an idea of what to expect of the internship, or so I thought. I did not realise the power of Digital Marketing when done correctly.  I was aware of various marketing tools but was lacking the knowledge of how to make them work collectively. 

I run a small business called The Braid Box and I was desperate to increase its online presence. While at LA Click, I experienced an epiphany that posting on social media was a step in the right direction but was not enough. I frustrated myself for months-on-end post content but was not getting the response I was expecting.


Danelle’s Social Media World


This is not to undermine the power of social media because it is an essential part of the puzzle. Instead, this is to show the importance of understanding the pieces of the puzzle. After the epiphany, I had to stop posting and took a step back, so I could analyse and learn from the LA Click team. I started to understand the amalgamation of various digital tools and how they are used to optimise a company’s online presence. 

I want to share with you the Google Analytics report for website visits at the start of 2020 before I started implementing what I was learning at LA Click.

As I have mentioned earlier, I had prior knowledge that I needed to have certain tools. Therefore, I got signed up on Google Analytics, Google My Business, I was on all social platforms, the ones that were of relevance to my business. However, being present on these platforms did not drive traffic in the way I was hoping and my website visits just did not take-off. 


After three months at LA Click going in one and a half days per week, I’d decided it is time to put my learning into action, so I started implementation. Let us now take a look at the data for February 2020.


I was blown away when I did my first analysis. I had wasted a year or more just posting on social platforms with little or no success. Here I was three months later with LA Click, still posting on social platforms but going it the right way and slowly connecting the pieces of the puzzle. Of course, there is more to learn and more work to be done to get those numbers flying through the roof but the ball is on a roll thanks to the time I have spent at LA Click. 


Danelle’s Facebook and Pinterest Profile


In closing, for the five months I spent at LA Click, I was treated and would like to believe that I acted like a normal regular employee of the company. I had to be present (virtual or at the office) on workdays, and be ready to have positive interactions with my coworkers and superiors. In my opinion, the soft skills I have developed are as important for my personal and professional growth as are the hard skills. I would encourage someone who is reading this post to step out of your comfort zone, even if that means doing a voluntary internship to acquire the skills you need. The growth that you will experience is priceless.





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